What are the collection and settlement currencies?
For collection, we support KES, NGN, and UGX etc. And for settlement, USD, CNY, KES, NGN, UGX are available.
LipaPay provides collection service in a flat rate. Contact our sells team for more details.
What are the payment methods?
Currently we accept payment from credit card, Visa/master card, Mobile money etc. We are going to launch more payment methods in the future.
What is your settlement period?
Currently our settlement time is between 3- 15 days depending on merchants’ requirement. Contact our sells team for more details
How do I integrate LipaPay in my system?
The integration procedure is simple and can be done as follows:
  • Contact our sells team and sign the agreement. (please contact info@lipapay.com.)
  • Complete technical integration. (An integration group will be created for developers from both parties for assistance)
  • Test and review.
Are there any limits for transactions?
We currently don’t set limits to transactions. However, some of our payment channels may have certain limits. (E.g. M-Pesa has a upper limit of 70,000Ksh per transaction and cumulative limit of 140,000Ksh per day).
Are there cases that customer refuse to pay?
No, LipaPay currently only focus on electronic payment therefore there is no instance of payment refusal.
Does LipaPay support various platforms? (E.g. PC/ WAP, APP)
Currently LipaPay supports all available platforms.
Does LipaPay offer test environment to simulate successful payment before launching?
Yes, if need be, further assistance will be provided to complete the simulation.

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