Local Collection

Throughout the continents and regions around the world, local payments vary widely. For instance, American prefer credit card towards payment while Chinese enjoy mobile payment (e.g. Alipay and WeChat Pay). However, it is noticeable that mobile wallet payment is dominating in sub-Sahara. Therefore, typical single payment method will not meet customer’s need. Plus, payment collection from individual customer is the most challenging and difficult part of payment business.

LipaPay focus on localized payment solution since its foundation, with an aim to improve collection efficiency and quality. LipaPay currently features in up to 20 payment channels which suits merchant individual demand.

Cross-border Collection

Since Africa currency is not within word’s 10 popular trading currency, it is therefore necessary to swap collections before remitting to merchant cross-border. With over 3 year close relationship with local banks in Africa, LipaPay is able to do cross-border remittance with minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

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