Online Payment

Give your customers more options to pay you online

Our collection keeps your business running 24-7 with payment collection through Local and International Visa & MasterCard, popular mobile money payment such as M-pesa and Equity Bank payment.

Security is why you choose us

We partner with world-famous anti-malware McAfee which ensures security. We are also SSL secured. SSL certificates create a foundation of trust by establishing a secure and encrypted connection.

Our payment collection is SME-friendly

We don’t charge for API/CMS (shopping cart plugins) integration. In addition, we also have very affordable rate to boost your sales. Contact us now for more pricing info.

Start your collection immediately after a quick setup

Our payment platform is pre-integrated into popular shopping carts; Woocommerce, Opencart, shopify and Magento (coming soon) etc. enabling merchants to start selling their products or services immediately.

Fast settlement and User-friendly transaction reporting

Offline Payment

Sign-up and play

With no integration needed, you can start collection.

Flexible system assures you a smooth offline collection experience

i.Whether you have a single or multiple shops, your payment collection can be easily managed. ii.Our merchant system enables you to set different roles for better shop management. iii.Your customers are able to make payment to the same Paybill No. across different channels.

Payment reminder function

Do customers forget to pay in time? With a simple click, your customer is able to receive notification regarding unpaid orders.

Customer database management

Do you want to let your old customers to know your current promotions? Use our customer database system to boost your sales.

Onsite and offsite payment supported


Our installment service will boost your sales by encouraging more expenditure (Especially high value items).With a simple and fast application, your customer will be able to go installment shopping from your shop.
With faster sales, your cash circulation will also be accelerated. There will be less stagnant stock and more possibilities to your business.
We are able to pre-score your customers based on the historical customer buying experience. With the pre-score mechanism, your customers feel free to use the credit in buying.
LipaPay will bear all the related risks. You enjoy a robust sale increase without any hazard.
You can easily locate your valuable customers with high credit score for better sales and promotions.

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